Welcome to Pustakmarket !

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Welcome to Pustakmarket!

How would I Drop a Request on pustakmarket.com? Then again, how would I return an item requested on pustakmarket? For inside and out Abrogations by you: On the off chance that you Drop your request before your item has delivered, we will discount the whole sum. In the event that the scratch-off is after your item has dispatched, you can do one of the accompanying:

  • In the event that your item has transported yet has not yet been conveyed, contact Client assistance and illuminate them regarding the equivalent.
  • In the event that you've gotten the item and need to restore it, we offer you a No Inquiries Posed to Merchandise exchange. Inside 7 days of accepting your shipment, you may restore any unopened item(s) in its unique bundling, for a discount (barring dispatching costs).
  • The above is for Books not for E-books.

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