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Effect Of Vam On Some Native crops Of Maharashtra

Book Name Effect Of Vam On Some Native crops Of Maharashtra
Author Dr. Ashok Kanade
Publish Date 10:36 am, 03-Apr 21
पूर्ण ई-बुक वाचण्यासाठी येथे क्लिक करा.
Book Description

I express my immense gratitude to Dr. R. M. Mulla for suggesting this problem and for his continuous guidance throughout the course of this investigation. I am deeply indebted to Prof. A.R.Kulkarni for not only his invaluable guidance that I constantly sought from him throughout my research work, made me stand upright but his priceless counseling and timely help released and relaxed me from mounting tensions. He stood to an inexhaustible source of guidance and solace for me; in fact words fail to convey what my heart feels at his thought. Let me remain in his debt since his debt for me is both enlightening and enliving. I am thankful to Dr. K. N.Bavale, Principal of Arts, Commerce and Science College, Narayangaon and Dr. K. T. Datwani, Head of the Botany Department L. U. and M. V. College, Andheri, Mumbai for giving me the laboratory facilities to work for this course. I am also thankful to Dr. (Mrs.) M.R Pant and other teaching and nonteaching staff of Botany Department of L .U. and M. V. College for constant help throughout the course of investigation. I am thankful to Prof. D.J.Bagyaraj, Head and Major Advisor, Dept. of Agricultural Microbiology, University of Agricultural Science, GKVK Bangalore, Dr. Singh and Dr. S. S. Rao, BAIF, Wagholi (Pune) for providing culture of VAM. I am thankful to my colleagues Naik V. R, Survase B. S., Miss Meena Patankar of L. U. and M. V. College, Andheri (E), Mumbai and my special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Darekar B. S., Kulkarni A. B., Pingale S. S., Pokharkar N. S., Bankhele R. C. and Jagtap L. P. of Arts, Commerce and Science College, Narayangaon, for their valuable help. My special thanks to my parents, sisters Mrs. Aruna Zodge and Mrs. Sharada Bankar, Father in Law Shri. Dattatraya Sable, Wife Aruna, Son Avishkar and Daughter Apurva for their valuable help without which this dissertation would not have been completed. I would like to acknowledge Haffkin's Institute, Parel, JN Library, University of Mumbai and National Centre for Science Information, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore for library facilities. Today I realize that is was form more of them along with whom I have mentioned above when I think of my thesis being published as book, so I thank all known and unknown, directly or indirectly involved in my work.
- Ashok Mahadeo Kanade

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