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Organic Chemistry (CH-102) FYBSC SEM-I

Book Name : Organic Chemistry (CH-102) FYBSC SEM-I
Author : Dr. A. D. Natu, Dr. V. D. Borade, Dr. G. S. Gugale
Publisher : Nirali Prakashan
ISBN no : 978-93-89108-84-2
Category : Student Text Books And E-Books
Price: 75.RS
Discount Price : 68 RS

Book description

It gives us immense pleasure to place this text book of F.Y.B.Sc. Organic Chemistry in the hands of F.Y.B.Sc. students. This book has been presented to you according to the revised syllabus of Savitribai Phule Pune University implemented from June 2019.
An attempt is made to give more emphasis on essential modern concepts in chemistry. The concepts are illustrated and elaborated
with necessary examples. Sufficient exercise is given at the end of
each topic for the practice of the students.
Some matter in this book may not be in syllabus, but is given for the deep clarification to the students.
We hope that the book will fulfil the expectations of the students and teachers. We hope that this book will cater the exact requirements of the students.
We are grateful to our dynamic publisher Shri. Dineshbhai Furia, Shri. Jignesh Furia, Mr. Malik Shaikh, Mr. Kiran Velankar, Mrs. Anjali Muley, Miss. Chaitali Takale, and all staff of Nirali Prakashan for their lefforts and keen interest in publishing this book in a very limited span of time.
Any comment, criticism and suggestions from the readers for improving the book will be highly appreciated.

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