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Mechanics and Properties of Matter (PHY-111) FYBSC SEM-I

Book Name : Mechanics and Properties of Matter (PHY-111) FYBSC SEM-I
Author : Dr. S. D. Aghav, Dr. P. S. Tambade, B. M. Laware, V. K. Dhas
Publisher : Nirali Prakashan
ISBN no : 978-93-89108-78-1
Category : Student Text Books And E-Books
Price: 80.RS
Discount Price : 72 RS

Book description

This book entitled Mechanics and Properties of Matter Semester-I is designed for the students preparing for F.Y.B.Sc. examination of Savitribai Phule Pune University. It is a purpose of textbook to give systematic exposition of CBCS pattern syllabus.
Beginning with its fundamentals the subject has been developed systematically and logically with the emphasis on the physical explanation supported adequately by mathematical formulation. The clarity and systematic representation will make the book intelligible to a beginner. Solved Problems have been inserted at appropriate places to illustrate applications of theoretical principles.
In Mechanics the topic of Motion is added, it will give the students an ability to demonstrate Newton's laws of motion and methods to explain how to apply these laws in a problem. In the topic Work and Energy the conservation of energy is explained systematically. In Fluid Mechanics, concept of turbulent flow and steady flow are discussed in detail.
Authors have done sincere efforts to explain above topics in a simple and lucid language as possible.
Although the book is not voluminous, every useful and important information has been added. Authors sincerely feel that the work will adequately meet the needs of F.Y.B.Sc. students for a good and concise book which will stimulate a genuine interest among students in the subject.
Authors sincerely thank Shri. Dineshbhai Furia, Mr. Jignesh Furia, and entire staff of Nirali Prakashan especially Mr. Santosh Bare, Mr. Kiran Velankar and Miss Chaitali Takle for their constant encouragement in this endeavour.
Sufficient care has been taken to avoid misprints, checking solutions and answers of numerical examples. However, authors will most gratefully accept suggestions for improving the book and making it more useful.
In fluid mechanics concept of viscosity, different types of flow and Bernoulli's theorem with applications. The topic properties of matter contains basic of surface tension and elasticity with its applications in real life.

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