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Religion and Gurus in Traditional and Mordern India

Book Name : Religion and Gurus in Traditional and Mordern India
Author : Uday Mehta
Publisher : sugava prakashan
ISBN no : 978-93-84914-07-3
Category : Ideological
Price: 240.RS
Discount Price : 216 RS

Book description

In this book we have attempted to look at the present and historical context. With the rise of communal forces in the post 1980s, it was difficult to ignore the socio-economic and political situation. The rise of political parties like the BJP and Shiv Sena and their increasing foothold in all spheres of life compelled me to understand and examine religion and its manifestations in Indian society. Post 1980s one sees consolidation and strengthening of the hold of communal forces in many parts of the country, the extent of which can be examined by the self imposed curfews that were witnessed during the broadcast of Ramayana and Mahabharat serials on national television. The sentiments were. further propelled by Ramjanmabhoomi yatra initiated and popularised by the B.J.P. and its affiliated organizations, as Sant Sammelan, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and with the active connivance of the R.S.S. found over whelming response and its influence could be seen extensively in both urban as well as rural areas. In some of the northern states like Uttar Pradesh and even in Gujarat there was unprecedented communal tension finding manifestation also in a series of communal disturbance in these as well as other states. Mumbai which is otherwise known for its cosmopolitan outlook and communal harmony witnessed such communal tension, culminating in a major communal riot in 1992, which resulted into a polarization of communities never witnessed earlier.

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